About Leila

I love Yoga! It makes me feel strong and amazing, and I like to share my feeling and experience with you. I completed my 200 hours of Yoga training in March 2011 during my pregnancy with my first daughter, and since then, I have been training Yoga at the YMCA in Montreal, Quebec.


I have been teaching all different types of Yoga classes, such as All-Level Yoga (the basics and fundamentals of Yoga poses), Yoga with seniors, Yoga with Kids, Yoga with families and Yogalates (Yoga and Pilates).

My Yoga routines fit your needs. In my classes, I focus on your safety, your breathing and your level of stress. My routines help release your creative energy, healing your mind and your body through movements.

I teach you how to practice Yoga with the best alignment at your highest level of safety and comfort. I show you how to use the best breathing technics to help increase your energy and at last, but not least, my meditation and relaxing Yoga technics help decrease your stress.   


I am a certified fitness instructor for Aerobic, Step, Toning and Stretching with 25+ years of experience. I have CPR, and AED certification.


I invite you to register my Yoga classes or contact me for more information.